With instrument values on the rise many folks are interested in knowing how old their
    instrument might be. Sometimes this task can be very tough as some manufacturers kept
    very poor if any records on production.
    But thanks to the tireless efforts of a few good individuals, we have some guides to help us
    with getting pretty close if not right on in dating our guitar's age.
    We will try to offer the best information we can gather on this subject but there is no
    substitude for tiedious search on the subject so be prepared for the journey....
    Serial numbers.
    Probably one of the easiest ways to determine the age of any instrument so long as the
    manufacturer kept records and they were not lost to time.
    Here are some lists that you may find valuable....
    Martin Guitars                  Gretsch Guitars                    Epiphone Guitars
    Gibson Guitars                  Rickenbacker Guitars             Guild Guitars
    Fender Guitars                  Taylor Guitars                     Ovation Guitars
    Along with serial number information we have included some great links we found, and 
    some other helpful information on the subject.
    Dating your guitar may be as easy as wine and flowers but for most it's a mission,
    a mission to discovery of the how, why and most importantly when this old guitar was born.
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