Hohner Educator 10 Chromatic Harmonica M1040BX


The Valveless Harmonica! Hohner's Educator 10 chromatic harmonica sports a comb design that provides a clear and powerful sound without the need for valves. Good news for players who struggle with sticking or noisy windsavers! Its affordable price also makes it a good starter chromatic, both for novices and players making a transition from smaller diatonic models. Great for school programs!

The Educator 10 is a 10 hole, 40 reed chromatic harmonica in the key of C. It comes with a zippered black padded polyester carrying pouch with wrist strap. Safty sealed in the box.

Model: M1040BX
Manufacturer: Hohner
Hohner Educator 10 Chromatic Harmonica M1040BX
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