Akg AKG K240 STudio Headphones K240STUDIO

Akg AKG K240 STudio Headphones K240STUDIO

SKU:  ae00-7550
Manufacturer Part #:  K240STUDIO

The K240 Studio professional over-ear, semi-open studio headphones are designed for professional applications such as mixing, mastering and playback. The advanced XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms deliver a wide dynamic range, increased sensitivity and high sound levels. The semi-open design provides a solid bass range and extremely clear highs. The over-ear pads envelop the ears nicely making them extremely comfortable to wear. The K240 Studio features a professional mini XLR connector, allowing for quick replacement of the cable. The 3m cable included provides a convertible jack plug for easily connecting portable equipment.

AKG K240 Studio Features:
Over-ear design provides hours of comfort
Semi-open technology for solid bass and clear highs
Patented Varimotion XXL transducers
Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit
Single-sided cable

Model: K240STUDIO
Manufacturer: Akg


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Manufacturer Part #:  K240STUDIO
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