1980's Tama Swingstar Van Halen Style 4 piece Kit, 12" 13" 16" 22", FLASH POINT, Imagestar UT4PCVH

SKU:  ae00-26023
Manufacturer Part #:  UT4PCVH

In excellent shape with very little wear, newer heads, this kits is ready to be played! Mid 80's vintage in a factory red stripped wrap. Made in japan, the drums sound great and are very well built. Hardware is all in working condition. Toms are 12" wide 11" deep, 13"x12" 16"x16" and bass drum is 22"x 16". Wrap is called FLASH POINT.

Model: UT4PCVH
Manufacturer: Tama


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SKU:  ae00-26023^UT4PCVH
Manufacturer Part #:  UT4PCVH
Weight:  180.00
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