1968 Ludwig Hollywood Sky Blue Pearl Drum Kit, Keystone Badge ISS20309


This old Ludwig Hollywood kit, looks great and would make a great players kit. The drums are all original factory close matching serial #'s from 1968, they have a clear maple interior and 3 ply shells. Wrap is original and in very good shape, there is some light damage on the bass drum under the 13" and the wrap seam is bubbling up on the 13". The 16" floor drum is slightly out of round and has a bump at the seam, not sure if this is the wrap or the shell, most likely a bit of both, the drum still tunes up fine and sounds good. The hardware is mostly original, there is some light pitting, the worst of it is on the reso side of the 16" and the T rods of the bass drum. Three bass drum T rods are non-ludwig, the claws all look right. The heads on the bass drum are newer emad heads, otherwise there is a mix of original ludwig heads on the rest of the drums. Drums can be played as is or would look great with a little clean up. Comes as shown, has a early diecast style tome mount and original sprus and tom legs included.

Model: ISS20309
Manufacturer: Ludwig
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