1977 Ibanez 2460NT L-5 Lawsuit Guitar, Japan, Super 70 Pickups, Hard Case ISS20938


Here is a very cool vintage Ibanez L-5 Copy, the quality is excellent and the guitar plays and sounds great. The instrument has just been restrung and setup with 11 gauge medium strings and plays great with low action. The frets have been dressed and polished and it plays easy and has no dead spots. The finish shows plenty or wear and damage, it is really a players grade instrument and is ready to be played. There are what looks like some finish cracks on both sides of the neck heel, you can not feel them and it dose not affect playablity. Electronics and hardware look to be all original, the pickups sound great and everything works well. Comes with a aftermarket hard case.

Model: ISS20938
Manufacturer: Ibanez
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