Vox AC4TV 4W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Cream


Say hello to a familiar face – the VOX AC4TV. >/b>
Way back in 1961, VOX rolled out the AC4 amplifier. Over fifty years later, VOX is pleased to continue the AC4 legacy with the AC4TV – the all-tube practice amp with remarkable self control. This up-to-date Class A version retains the distinctive EL84 power tube of the original and features a 12AX7 powered pre-amp, all driving a custom-made Celestion 10 inch speaker. The sophisticated sound is unmistakably VOX, delivering that distinctively British top-end tone.

Key Features

• Affordable all-valve design
• Switchable output levels 4. 1 & ¼ Watt output levels
• Quality vintage Vox styling
• External speaker output

Simple and sexy, the AC4TV wears its pedigree proudly. The cabinetry features the same “TV” front design first used on the classic 1958 AC15, and still in use on today’s AC15H1TV Heritage Series. One of the challenges confronting an all-tube amp is retaining a full tone at lower volumes. To solve this issue, the AC4TV features a built-in power attenuator, with 4 Watt, 1 Watt and ¼ Watt output levels – ensuring you never lose that classic tube tone, even at the lowest listening levels. Want more? The AC4TV also adds a 16 Ohm speaker output, allowing you to add an additional cabinet – such as the VOX412BN – and state your sonic signature with authority. It’s retro, it’s chic, it’s all-tube and it’s all VOX. So what are you waiting for?

VOX AC4TV Specifications
Controls: Tone, Volume, OP Level (4W, 1W, ¼ W)
In/Out Jacks: Input, External Speaker Jack (¼")
Output: 4 Watt RMS 16-Ohm
Speakers: AC4TV – 1 x 10" 16-Ohm Celestion VX10 custom speaker;
Valve/Tube Complement: 1 x 12AX7 (pre) / 1 x EL84 (power) AC4TV
Dimensions: 13.78""(W) x 8.46" (D) x 14.76" (H); AC4TV
Weight: 19.84 lbs.; Power cable included

Model: AC4TV
Manufacturer: Vox
Vox AC4TV 4W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Cream
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