1970 Fender Super Reverb Guitar Amp, Silverface, Non-Master Volume ISS22642

SKU:  ae00-28000
Manufacturer Part #:  ISS22642

Amp works very well, sounds great and is very original. This 1970 Super Reverb has all the original transformers that date to '69 & '70, original speakers that date '67 and has not had any mods or major service. The amp sounds great and works well, it has a mix of original and older tubes that all still fuction. The only replacement parts are the ground switch and 3 of the main filter caps, everthing else looks to be original. Amp sounds great and operates quietly for a old fender with original parts, the vibrato has a slight tick when turned all the way up, very common on old fenders. Both channels work well and reverb sounds great. Pop in casters have been added to the amp. Ready to be played.

Model: ISS22642
Manufacturer: Fender


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SKU:  ae00-28000^ISS22642
Manufacturer Part #:  ISS22642
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