Ludwig 8x14 Black Beauty Snare Drum LB408


One of the primary reasons Ludwig is "The Most Famous Name On Drums" is the legendary Black Beauty Snare Drum. The drum is constructed of a single sheet of brass that is machine drawn into a seamless beaded shell. However, due to their truly unique and difficult manufacturing process, only a very limited number of Black Beauties are available each year from Ludwig USA.

The Black Beauty responds with excellent sensitivity at all volumes. With the classic Imperial lugs and triple-flange hoops along witha smooth shell. This new 8x14" model looks as good as it sounds.
Bigger, bolder and more brash than ever. A true American original, the Black Beauty provides a warm, round metallic tone that is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Model: LB408
Manufacturer: Ludwig
Ludwig 8x14 Black Beauty Snare Drum LB408
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