Paiste PST 7 - 20" Ride Cymbals 1701620


Demo model - some fingerprints and smll stick marks but new with full warranty. Paiste Sound Technology stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high quality sound design at an affordable price. PST7 adds an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel. PST7’s base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series. The cymbals are lathed by our Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish. The result of Paiste’s precise Swiss manufacturing is a warm and clear overall sound and by offering three weight classes, light/thin, medium and heavy, PST7 covers a wide range of different music styles.

Since: 2014

Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"

Applications: All volume settings • Live playing and casual recording • Entire range of music styles

Sound: Bright, traditional, airy, clean with warmth, clarity and tonal definition

Model: 1701620
Manufacturer: Paiste
Paiste PST 7 - 20" Ride Cymbals 1701620
Regular Price: $232.00
Ike's Price: $98.00

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