70's B/O Ludwig 7 piece Concert Drum Kit in Red Silk UDH96


Vintage B/O Ludwig 9 piece kit features: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18", and 22" drums. 8" through 16" drums are all concert toms. Shells all have granitone interiors. Shells: Most of the shells are in good structural shape and have no glaring issues. 8" concert tom has a split bearing edge. Tom is also out of round and misshapen. 12" tom has a big ding on the reso bearing edge. 13" has separating bearing edges on batter and reso sides. 15" has a little bearing edge separation on batter side. All can be reglued Hardware: Hardware is in good shape and show normal wear and tear from age and use. Metal shows tarnishing and pitting throughout, but has been test cleaned and can polish up nicely. 18" floor tom is missing t-rods and hoops. Bass drum is missing: t-rods, bass drum claws, hoop, and batter head. No stands included. Wrap: Red cortex wrap is coming loose at the seam on all of these shells. Drum set should have wraps reglued. Wrap shows nicks, dings, and scratches throughout.

Model: UDH96
Manufacturer: Ludwig
70's B/O Ludwig 7 piece Concert Drum Kit in Red Silk UDH96
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