Ludwig 7" x 14" Heirloom Brass Snare Drum LBR0714


OVERVIEW 1mm Brass Shell Laser-Engraved Heirloom Branding Warm Sounds, Powerful Projection Flat Imperial Lugs P88 Throw-Off ITEM DETAILS The Ludwig 7" x 14" Heirloom Snare Drum honors over a hundred years of Ludwig making drums, and offers all the wonderful sounds brass drums can make at the highest of quality. This 1mm shell is designed for a crisp, focused attack that cuts through just about anything. This drum provides projection, but it also has a lot of warmth to the sound. It's a versatile drum that can sport a variety of tunings safely and comfortably, and it fits into countless genres. The laser-etched Heirloom branding on the shell is icing on the cake for this beautiful drum.

Model: LBR0714
Manufacturer: Ludwig
Ludwig 7" x 14" Heirloom Brass Snare Drum LBR0714
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