Rainsong P12 Parlor 12-Fret Neck Graphite Acoustic Guitar, Hard Case


The small size of the Parlor belies full and rich sound. A sound that Is characteristic of all RainSongs. Key to the big Parlor sound is the combination of a unidirectional carbon soundboard and hybrid body construction. The P12 features the 12-fret, short-scale NS neck.

P12's neck joins the body at the 12th fret rather than the 14th fret. This moves the bridge back on the soundboard towards the center of the lower bout resulting in improved sonic energy transmission from the strings to the soundboard and enhanced bass response.

Unidirectional carbon mimics the tight grain of a fine spruce soundboard. First introduced on the Concert Series, this soundboard is RainSong's lightest. The Hybrid body technology blends the crystalline highs of carbon with the mellow tones of glass. The synergy between the unidirectional soundboard and the hybrid body is obvious in the parlor sound. Includes case

All-graphite Unidirectional Carbon soundboard crafted using Projection Tuned Layering technique
No soundboard braces
Pinstripe rosette
Carbon/Glass hybrid body
No body brace
12-fret all-graphite NS neck and composite fingerboard fabricated using RainSongs Performance
Shape Casting as a single piece
Adjustable truss rod
Tusq nut, saddle
Mother-of-pearl inlaid tusq bridgepins
Hardshell case
UV protective, high gloss urethane finish

Model: P12
Manufacturer: Rainsong
Rainsong P12 Parlor 12-Fret Neck Graphite Acoustic Guitar, Hard Case
Regular Price: $2,666.00
Ike's Price $1,289.00

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