Latin Percussio LP Black Beauty - Collect-A-Bells LP204C

Latin Percussio LP Black Beauty - Collect-A-Bells LP204C


Express your distinctive style with the new LP Collect-A-Bell Series!

LP introduces seven new designs for our infamous Black Beauty Cowbell. The intense, eye-catching graphics include attention-grabbing colors—from Zombie Green to Zebra Purple and several shades in between. The 5-inch, mountable Collect-A-Bells are very affordable (MSRP – $47) and will add a wow factor to drum sets and percussion rigs.

Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, “There is something fun and exciting about the sound of a cowbell. LP cowbells are sonically defining instruments, and our new Collect-A-Bells Cowbells are as striking visually. Your drum sound is unique, and now, you can express your distinctive style as well with the new bells.”

LP Collect-A-Bells have a high pitch with a bright sound and moderate overtones, and every strike of the slightly rounded playing surface projects exceptional sounds. Mounting is secure and easy with the LP forged eyebolt assembly, which grips tightly to any 3/8? diameter rod. LP Collect-A-Bells were designed using the same specs as our very popular LP Black Beauty Cowbells (LP204A), and are handmade in the USA of premium quality steel.

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LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Demon – LP204C-DM
LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, More Cowbell – LP204C-MC
LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Raven Tree – LP204C-RT LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Skull Red – LP204C-SR LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Sugar Skull – LP204C-SS LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Zombie Green – LP204C-ZMG LP Collect-A-Bell, Black Beauty, Zebra Purple – LP204C-ZP

Model: LP204C
Manufacturer: Latin Percussio
Latin Percussio LP Black Beauty - Collect-A-Bells LP204C
Regular Price: $47.00
Ike's Price $29.95

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