C.B. Gitty Kits Complete Cigar Amplifier Kit 52-003-02


This is a complete cigar box amp KIT, and includes all of the parts you'll need to build your own 2.5-watt amplifier! The box is a beautiful all-wood Oliva G cigar box, and the kit includes some nice decorative shiny nickel box corners (with matching screws) to help dress it up. The main listing photo shows an example of the amplifier that can be built with this kit.

The "guts" of this amp kit is a 2.5 watt amp board, which really puts out some nice sound considering its size and input power. The amp board comes with 1-foot wire leads pre-soldered to the key connection points, to eliminate some of the more fiddly bits of assembly for you. This kit includes a four-page how-to sheet that shows wiring diagrams and covers some key points about wiring and assembly. Only basic soldering skills, and an ability to read simple wiring diagrams, are required to assemble this kit!

Model: 52-003-02
Manufacturer: C.B. Gitty Kits
C.B. Gitty Kits Complete Cigar Amplifier Kit 52-003-02
Regular Price: $69.99
Ike's Price: $59.95

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