Tama ImperialStar 5x14 - HLB Hairline Blue IPS145HLB


Brand new 5 x 14" Imperialstar Snare drum in hairline blue.

Tama Precision Bearing Edges - A drum's bearing edge is one of the most important components in drum sound. Our advanced edge-cutting process provides extremely precise bearing edges - which allow TAMA shells to ring openly and fully, and provide a wide range of tune ability, sensitivity and response
Shells:100% poplar 8mm 6ply - Poplar wood has been used in making drum shell for over 50 years. It offers a full, warm tone combined with medium attack.
Individual snare drum is made to Imperialstar series specification.

Model: IPS145HLB
Manufacturer: Tama
Tama ImperialStar 5x14 - HLB Hairline Blue IPS145HLB
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