Quiklok Connecting Rod For Satellite Speaker Systems S333

SKU:  ae00-25600
Manufacturer Part #:  S333

Telescopic connecting rod for satellite speaker systems. Telescopic, variable length, extension tube for connection of satellite speaker systems. Double ended rod, 35mm diameter on one side, and 40mm diameter built with a M20 threaded bolt on the other end, for connection to subwoofer threaded flange. Allows for the most ideal separation of subwoofer and speaker. All-steel construction, with locking pin to prevent accident descent and vibration.

Weight Kg
1.53 kg
Weight Lbs
3.4 lb
Height Adjustment
31.5” to 43.3” (80 to 110 cm)
Brace Tube Size
1.57” (40 mm) with built-in M20 threaded bolt
Center Tube Diameter
1.375” (35 mm)
Weight Capacity
125 lb (56.6 kg)

Model: S333
Manufacturer: Quiklok


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Manufacturer Part #:  S333
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