Tama Club-Jam Pancake LJK48PHBK - Hairline Black


TAMA Club-JAM 4-Piece Pancake Kit With 18" Bass Drum Hairline Black Chrome Shell Hardware

The Club-JAM Pancake kit combines the benefits of a compact & easily portable drum kit with professional quality sound and durability. This is acheived through the lightweight and minimalist design of the Club-JAM series. As the lightest and smallest option in the Club-JAM series, this Club-JAM Pancake kit offers a professional quality sound in any situation.

The 3.5"" deep tom and floor tom, paired with a 4"" deep snare drum and bass drum can be easily packed in just a single bag thanks to the ultra-shallow shell. The single-headed toms produce a crisp and warm sound with a strong attack. The double-headed snare drum produces a bright and sharp sound, along with significant low-end from the double-headed bass drum.

For every genre, whether you're playing live or in the studio, the Club-JAM Pancake kit delivers a new, unique, and satisfying musical experience.

8mm, 6ply Poplar Shell
Ultra-Shallow Pancake Shell
Single Carry Design
Vintage Inspired Bass Drum Hoop
Includes: 18" x 4" BD, 10" x 3.5" TT, 13" x 3.5" FT, 14" x 4"SD, Single Tom Holder

Model: LJK48PHBK
Manufacturer: Tama
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