1946 Gibson LG-2 Acoustic Guitar ISS22260

SKU:  ae00-27760
Manufacturer Part #:  ISS22260

This is a wonderfull example of a post war Gibson LG-2, it sounds great and plays very nice. The instrument has all the wear you expect out of a vintage instrument, but is still in very nice shape. The tuners are original, but 4 of the 6 buttons have been replaced. The truss rod cover is not original. The body has crack in the side that was repaired and cleated, there are no other cracks and the instrument. The guitar has been inspected by a luthier and is ready to be enjoyed. The neck set and releif is proper and the guitar plays great for something of this age, action is a 4/32" bass and 3/32" treble with some saddle left at the bridge. Bridge looks like it has been off and repaired at some point in the guitars life, repair is professional and looks great. Frets looks to be original with some normal wear, but they have life left and there is no major wear in the fingerboard. Comes with a newer hardcase. This guitar is ready to be played and enjoyed!

Model: ISS22260
Manufacturer: Gibson


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SKU:  ae00-27760^ISS22260
Manufacturer Part #:  ISS22260
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