Gon Bops "Fiesta" Cajon - Walnut FSCJW

SKU:  ae00-13291
Manufacturer Part #:  FSCJW

The best value going! The Walnut model includes an external knob to adjust the pressure on the internal snare wires, allowing for the snare to be turned off completely. The Mahogany model contains four internal snare wires arranged in two v-shapes running down the front plate, as well as a set of small adjustable bells that can be moved to touch the front panel if desired.The wires’ tension can be adjusted via two small hex bolts on the bottom with necessary hex key conveniently supplied and housed inside the drum. And heavy-duty rubber feet ensure ample bass tones don’t get lost in the floor. To top it all off, a free quality Gon Bops gig bag is included!

Model: FSCJ(W) or (M)
Size: 12"(w) x 19.75"(h) x 11.5"(d)
• Snare adjustment (Walnut)
• Internal snare Wires and Bells (Mahogany)
• Large rubber feet
• Adjustable front panel
• free gig bag

Model: FSCJW
Manufacturer: Gon Bops


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SKU:  ae00-13291^FSCJW
Manufacturer Part #:  FSCJW
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