1952 Magnatone PA297-3 Early Tube PA Amp Converted to Champ Like Guitar Head, 5 watts UPA2973

SKU:  ae00-29170
Manufacturer Part #:  UPA2973

Serviced with new filter caps and ready to be used as a little guitar amp. Tubes are all original to the unit and date 1952, 6SJ7, 5Y3 and a 6V6, like the old champ amps. One input and a tone control, this amp has alot of nice distortion and gain and resonable volume. The circuit is original, but the phono input has been disconected. 3 prong power cord installed.

Model: UPA2973
Manufacturer: Magnatone


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SKU:  ae00-29170^UPA2973
Manufacturer Part #:  UPA2973
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