Circa 74 AV150-10 Acoustic Amplifier w/ Mahogany Stand

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Manufacturer Part #:  AV150-10

The Circa 74 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier has been a long time coming, and we can now proudly announce its arrival!

Over the past 25 years – we now “have an opinion” on what an amplified acoustic guitar should sound like! We have always been at (shall we say) the “mercy of” other brands of amplification to produce what we hear our guitars “should” sound like – and now it finally exists!

It’s designed like a musical instrument – and it’s made from musical instrument tone-woods – solid mahogany – with a cabinet built and spec’d right here in the USA!
Its speaker is of a very specific design – it captures the essence of what an acoustic guitar truly sounds like – along with being able to reproduce a vocal microphone with astounding accuracy.
It has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can stream your favorite music or even backing tracks to accompany your performance!
It looks like no other amplifier – it’s mid-century modern art! It comes with its own matching wood stand! This would look great in any home, studio, or even stage environment!
This amp isn’t to be compared to some normal acoustic amplifiers you might be familiar with – this is the “814ce of acoustic amplifiers”!
A VERY high end 3 channel amplifier that looks and sounds like no other amp on the market.
It sounds great with ANY acoustic electric guitar – and you can even plug an electric guitar modeler (think Fractal, Line 6, or Boss GX) into the aux input, and you can have a full mix of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, AND a vocal mic all at the same time!

Model: AV150-10
Manufacturer: Circa 74


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SKU:  ae00-29744^AV150-10
Manufacturer Part #:  AV150-10
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