Aquarian 13" Classic Clear CC13

SKU:  ae00-17765
Manufacturer Part #:  CC13

The Classic Clear is a medium weight, clear single ply drumhead that can be used on the top or bottom of any size tom-tom. As a Batter Head, the 10mil thick Nu-Brite drumhead film produces a wide-open, full sound with plenty of attack and a musical sustain. When used as a bottom head, they resonate with a warm, clean and choke free response. A Note on Resonant( bottom) Heads: The bottom resonant head is often neglected but has a significant effect on the overall tone of the drum. A poorly made or poorly tuned bottom head will sap all the tone out of a great drum. Classic Clear heads, made with Aquarian's Safe-T-Lok hoop and Nu-Brite drumhead film, let the drum sing and make it the perfect resonant head for any tom-tom!

Model: CC13
Manufacturer: Aquarian


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Manufacturer Part #:  CC13
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