4 Pack Tama QC8 Cymbal Stand Toppers QC8B4

SKU:  ae00-11490
Manufacturer Part #:  QC8B4

Tama QC8 Quick Set Cymbal Mate; An Easy On, Easy Off Solution for Quicker Teardowns!
Drummers know the agony of setting up, playing their heart out and then having to tear down their kits to load up the van or trailer. With the QC8 Cymbal mate you can reduce the time it takes tearing down your kit by making your cymbals simple to remove. Substitute all your wing nuts with QC8 Quick Set Cymbal Mates.

By simply gripping and pressing the two buttons on the sides of the unit, users can attach and remove the Cymbal Mate with just one touch. This makes setting up cymbals a snap. Of course, as is the case with an ordinary Cymbal Mate, it's easy to make fine adjustments to cymbal swing by rotating the unit.

This new money saving 4 packs gets you enough QC8's for you whole kit!

Model: QC8B4
Manufacturer: Tama


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SKU:  ae00-11490^QC8B4
Manufacturer Part #:  QC8B4
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